Arena Ladridos

Chris Cogburn, Bonnie Jones, Bhob Rainey: Arena Ladridos – CD

Another Timbre

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Chris Cogburn – percussion
Bonnie Jones – electronics
Bhob Rainey – soprano saxophone

I am extremely pleased to announce that Arena Ladridos is now available. I love the music on this disc and would be happy knowing that you are spending time with it. So, if you order a copy from before December 21st, I will send an extra gift on Christmas Day – a kind of stocking stuffer to say thanks for all the listening.

Recorded in Austin and Marfa, TX, and inspired by the gorgeous desolation of the high plains desert, this is music of exquisite, simmering beauty.

In 2010, after years of friendship and musical intersections frequently revolving around Austin’s No Idea Festival, Chris Cogburn brought this trio together for concerts in Texas and Mexico, supported by the Meet the Composer Foundation and USArtists International. Arena Ladridos (roughly, “Barking Sand”) captures the intensity, intimacy, and adventurousness of these strong-minded musicians as they methodically bleed this music into existence.


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